After Mexico City I went to Puebla for a few days. Puebla is a city about two hours to the east of Mexico City and it is the capital of the state of Puebla. The city is known for its large number of colonial buildings, some of which are decorated with Azulejos (tiles) that the state is known for.
Most cities I have been to have their bus station in the centre of the city or close to it, but the bus station in Puebla is a good few kms from the centre. It probably would have been quite cheap to take a taxi, but the bus is even cheaper (5 pesos), so I found a bus that was going to the centre and got off as close to the hostel as possible.
The hostel was really nice, i meant to take some photos but I forgot. The building was an old colonial house with a central courtyard, which where breakfast was served in the morning, and the rooms we all just off the courtyard. When I arrived at the hostel the lady explained that there had been a mixup with the booking and they had not dorm beds left for me, so they gave me a free upgrade to a private room with ensuite.

Like all colonial cities, there is a main square with a cathedral just off the square. In Puebla on the other three sides of the main square there are colonial buildings with covered walkways, like below (reminds me of Italy).

I’m sure I read that the cathedral is the tallest in Mexico.

It seems like there are a lot of churches in Puebla. Many of them look quite plain from the outside (but colourful), but can be quite fancy on the inside.

There was one church close to the hostel (Santo Domingo) that has a small chapel to side called Capilla del Rosario, and it is really fancily decorated, with lots of gold and old paintings, and some Azulejos along the bottom of the walls.

I visited the railway museum in Puebla. I think it used to be a railway station at some point, but since one of the presidents closed down all of the railways it is now a museum. There were some old steam trains, and some more modern trains. You were allowed to climb in some of the older ones like the steam trains which was pretty cool.

Some of the trains we really big compared to English trains. This one I climbed on was probably about 4m high.

This is a quesadilla with chicharrón and some little fruit and can’t remember the name of.

Tacos Arabe (arabic taco), basically kebab meet in a tortilla. It was really nice, but I think it could have done with a bit of salad.


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