Xochimilco is another former city that has been absorbed into Mexico city as a borough. This area is known for its flower/plants markets and for it’s canals, which are left over from when most of the city was built in a lake connect by canals (see earlier post about Mexico City). The canals in Xochimilco are a popular destination for tourists and locals to visit and ride in a trajinera (like a big colourful gondola), especially on weekends.

We first visited the market so Laura could buy some Nochebuenas (Poinsettias). Although these plants are native to Mexico, Laura was asking the sellers if they were local or imported. Apparently they are sometimes imported from America, which makes no sense to me at all.



At the market I sampled a Mexican snack called Chapulines (a type of grasshopper). I’ve never (knowingly) eaten insects before, but I thought I’d give it a try since I was wanting to try different Mexican foods. The thing that usually bothers me with food I don;t like is the texture, but that was bad, it was just quite dry and crunchy. But I really didn’t like the taste of it, even when I tried one with chilli and lime it didn’t help, but at least I tried it.


By the time we got to the canal boats it was dark, so I couldn’t take many photos, but I managed to get a few, and we still had an enjoyable ride down the canal. The boats are all painted colourfully and have names on the front (traditionally the front would have be decorated with flowers), and have a table a chairs in the middle with enough space for maybe 20 people. It’s possible to have your dinner on board the boat and during the day there will be vendors in smaller boats selling food, drinks, plants, etc.





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