Teotihuacán is 50km north east of Mexico city and is the remains of what was once Mesoamerica’s greatest city (according to the guide book). To get there we took the metro to the Indios Verdes at the end of the green line (line 3), and from there found a bus with a sign for Teotihucán, Las Pirámides. The bus took about an hour and cost (I think) 36 pesos. While I was on the bus I was reading the pages of my guide book about Teotihuacán to get some idea of what was located on the site, it’s history and the significance of the buildings. In the section about how to get to the pyramids the book says “There have been recent reports from readers of armed robberies on these buses”, which is obviously a nice thing to read when you are on the bus it is talking about. I showed Laura and Alfonso and they laughed and said there was nothing to worry about.

The site is quite large and there is a lot to see here. Most of the buildings have very plain stone work, but originally there would have been plastered and painted in bright colours (there were a few examples of that in places). Below is the Temple of Quetzalcóatl (the feathered serpent), which is the only building I saw on the site that has some fancy stone carvings.

The main attraction to the site is the massive Pyramid of the Sun which is the worlds third largest pyramid. The base of the pyramid is 222m long at each side and it is 70m high. The pyramid is stepped with terraces at different levels that you can walk around. I read a sign that said the people who restored the pyramid made a mistake when rebuilding the pyramid so that there is one extra terrace that there was originally.

You can’t walk all the way to the very top of the pyramid, maybe because the platform at the top is so small. There is a security guard who stands at the top all day to make sure people to come up (you can see him in the picture above). Below is the a photo from the highest point you can reach, and you can walk all the way round the pyramid and see some nice views.

This is Laura, Alfonso and me infront of the pyramid of the sun.

The second biggest pyramid at the site is the Pyramid of the Moon, seen here from the top of the pyramid of the sun. You can’t climb to the top of this one either, just to the top of the first structure at the front of the pyramid.

Before we headed back to Mexico city we stopped off in the local town for some food. I don’t remember what this was called, and I’m sure it would have tasted nice, but I forgot to ask for no cilantro, so that’s all I could taste (which to me tastes like soap).

We caught the bus back from the towns bus station, which tiny and had about 5 policemen who were searching people before they got on the bus. I guess that has something to do with the drug cartels or something.


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