Spanish School Field Trip

On Wednesday the Spanish school had a little field trip where we (my two teachers and the other student) went to the main plaza in the city centre of Mérida where there were alters set up for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which  is a celebration in Mexico which focuses on remembering family and friends who have died. Families will make alters to honour the deceased, usually with marigolds, photos of the person(s) and some of their favourite food, along with other foods such as pan de muerto (a special bread, see below).  Apparently the celebrations vary across the country, and in the Yucatan the celebrations spans over three days, 31st Oct, 1st and 2nd Nov.

Here are a few of the alters I saw.

I saw a lot of Mayan women sitting making corn tortillas by hand (without a press). Some used plastic to flatten the tortilla on, but some of the used what I think was the leaf of a banana tree (I suppose that’s the more traditional method).

I’m not sure what happened to this pan, maybe it got too hot? You can see in this photo too that they are grinding the corn themselves to make the flour for the tortillas.

All of the people there with alters were dressed up and happy to have their photos taken.


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