Around Mérida

The Spanish classes are still going well, I have definitely improved a lot since I started the classes 2 weeks ago. I find it difficult to speak in Spanish since it takes me so long to think of the right words and place them in a sentence, but I’m sure that will get easier with practice.

Most evenings I end up studying and reading, so I don’t do a lot of sightseeing. I figured I should use this time while I am at the language school to learn as much as I can, then I can sightsee after. I do go exploring on the weekends though.

While I was waiting for the bus near Alma’s house, I noticed this little church. I’m not sure how many times I’ve walked past it before I noticed it.

I managed to find the temple. I’m going to try and visit it one evening this week.

I found this shop in the main plaza that sells ice cream, ice lollies and cold drinks, all made in the shop and all with fruit and natural flavourings. I got a Lemon ice lolly (which was green, since lemons are green in the Yucatán) for 10 pesos (about 50p).

There is an old tree lined street in Mérida called Paseo de Montejo that has a lot of very old, very impressive buildings that were originally mansions for the wealthy people of the city. Now they seem to be mostly offices for banks or restaurants. This first house I think was the most impressive, it think it looks very French.

The street also has what is probably the fanciest Starbuck ever.

Mérida also has some very cool churches. I’ll have to do some more exploring to see what else I can find.


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