Saturday 13th October 2012

I spent most of the day at Alma’s house just lying in a hammack, reading books and studing Spanish.

On the evening Alma showed me how to get to the language school I will be starting at on Monday. It’s pretty easy to get there, just one bus, which I catch at the end of the road. After 20 minutes the bus drops me off a short walk from the language school.

It was a pretty interesting ride there. The bus we took there was basically a 12-seater mini bus with a door that the driver can open and close. People just jump on and take a seat, then when they’ve got their change out they pass it to someone who is sitting near the driver for them to pass to him. It gets pretty cosy in there, people don’t mind sqeezing into a small gap between total stangers. If someone fancies it, they can sit upfront with the driver too. A bus ride only costs just 6 pesos (about 35p), no matter how far you are travelling.

One thing I noticed on the journey was hand-painted road signs. There seems to be a lot of them around the city.

After Alma showed me where the school is, we took another bus to a park (I’m not sure of the name) where there were a load of market stalls with sellers from Oaxaca. They were selling food, clothes, and hand made stuff.

There was also what I assumed was a dance class, teaching dances from Oaxaca.


4 responses to “Mérida

  1. Hi John, there is some airconditioner buses that you can take too so you can get to the school , just have to make sure it says “circuito colonias” on top, but im not sure about the leg spaece !

    • Yeah, I’ve rode on a few bigger busses with air conditioning. They seem to go a slightly different route back to Pacabtún, which confused me a lot yesterday. I ended up waiting until it got somewhere that I recognised then got off and jumped on a smaller bus. Same again today, but I got off a bit further up Calle 50, then walked a few blocks back to Alma’s street.

  2. You know that park where you get off the bus to go to the school? Well if you keep going along that street That is “circuito colonias” about 6 blocks from the park there is that icecream shop that had the rose flavor and avocado . Hope you find it easy and whenyou do ican tell you how to get to walmart for you tea.

    • I’ll have ro try the ice cream shop sometime. There’s a new mall on the bus route, about 5 mins from Alma’s house, that has a Soreana. I say mall, but it’s pretty small, just the supermarket, a cinema and a few shops.

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