First days in Mexico

If anyone is thinking about taking a long flight somewhere, i can definitely recommend Virgin. Everything went smoothly, in flight entertainment is good (although the audio didn’t work for me) and the food was great. After a 10hr flight from Gatwick, I arrived at Cancun airport, and somehow ended up in the slowest queue at passport control which must have taken about an hour to get through, then I had to queue again to get through customs. Luckily I wasn’t selected for a random baggage search at customs, otherwise I would have been there all day.

When I was finally out of the airport I was met by Flaubio (Silsa’s uncle) and his family. He was kind enough to let me stay in his home on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen. Next to where Flaubio live, there is a private housing estate called Lol Tún, Which I thought was quite a funny name, but it turns out that lol doesn’t refer to the acronim, but is a Mayan word meaning flower, so Lol Tún means “stone flower”.

My first day in Playa del Carmen was spend wandering around the downtown area and beach, sightseeing and wishing I hadn’t left my sunglasses behind, and wishing I had sunblock. I had a bit of a red face by the end of the day.

My second day in Playa was spend on the beach where I split my time between swimming/snorkelling and reading a book in the shade. I remembered to put sunblock on (factor 60) but I probably should have re-applied it at some point because I ended up with a very red forehead.

Also I forgot to put sunblock on my feet! Very sore!

Apparently in Mexico there is no such thing as a private beach, but that doesn’t stop the hotels and bars along the beach from taking all the good spots with sunloungers which they hire out. But since that was the only option for a bit of shade I didn’t mind paying £3 to sit on the sunlounger in the shade for the day.

The part of the beach I was on wasn’t the best for snorkelling, but I did manage to see some fish and get a few pictures.

On friday I left Playa and took the bus to Mérida. The bus was very comfortable, with plenty of leg room and aircon. After a 5hr bus ride I was met at the bus station by Alma (Silsa’s mam), and I will be staying with her for the next 4-5 weeks.


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